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Danska RFID-centrat blir medlem
i europeiskt EPC/RFID-nätverk

Danska Teknologiske Instituts speciella RFID-testcenter har blivit medlem av det europeiska nätverket EPC/RFID Lab Network (EPC = Electronic Product Code), som administreras genom den europeiska GS1-organisationen.
Syftet med EPC/RFID-nätverket är att utveckla och anpassa EPC/RFID-teknologin och göra det möjligt för europeiska företag att snabbare och lättare kunna utnyttja teknikpotentialen.


The Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency comments on producer responsibility for packaging waste

The reasonableness of material recovery can be questioned!

A couple of months ago the Swedish National Environmental Protection Agency questioned whether it was always correct to strive for material recovery of packaging. Perhaps incineration, or in other words, energy recovery, could be a better option. Now this opinion is supported by the Swedish National Institute of Economic Research, which writes as follows:


M-real closes it research
facilities in Germany and Sweden

M-real is closing its research and development facilities in Örnsköldsvik and Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. The closing affects 30 people. The decision is part of an overall reorganization of M-real’s research and development activities. The responsibility for product development in the future will be sorted under the company’s respective business areas and the practical R&D work will be concentrated at Kirkniemi Technology Centre in Finland.


Georg Brunstam, group manager at Nolato:

“Buying Cerbo
was a favorite purchase”

Recently the Nolato group purchased the Cerbo group based in Torekov for the purpose of becoming a stronger supplier to the pharmaceutical industry. The purchase doubles Nolato’s turnover. Commenting on the deal Georg Brunstam, the group manager at Nolato said that Cerbo was a favorite purchase.


Nolato Acquires Cerbo
group for SEK 437 million

The Nolato group purchased the Cerbo group based in Torekov. Nolato, which develops and produces polymer components and product systems for customers in the telecom, vehicle, white goods, medical technology and other industrial segments, is making a strategic investment in medical technology and the purchase of Cerbo underscores this intention.


Papyrus lands big order for
corrugated packaging from DHL

DHL selects Papyrus, a large wholesaler of graphic paper, packaging products and consumable products, as the total supplier of corrugated packaging on the Nordic market. The three-year contract is valued at about SEK 55 million.


Stenqvist reduces staff
because of over capacity

The packaging company JD Stenqvist in Kvidinge is reducing its staff by 25 people from the current level of approximately 140 persons. The reason is over capacity in the production of plastic and paper shopping bags. The reductions are among production staff.


SCA invests millions in new bag-in-box
line at Aqua Terrena

The water company Aqua Terrena in Mörarp, outside Helsingborg, recently installed a packaging line for filling and packing of sport drinks and drinking water in the SCA bag-in-box concept called Quadbag.


Sun and sport increased Swede’s thirst

Flavoured bottled water
was this past summer’s winner

According to preliminary statistics from Svensk Dryckesstatistik drink sales increased in Sweden by 5.8% during 2006 compared with 2005. The winner was flavoured carbonated water, while beer of low alcohol content continued to be the big loser.


Soon delivery time for
Korsnäs all-white board

As we earlier mentioned Korsnäs is going to launch a new all-white board called Frövi White, during the first quarter of 2007. This is a white board featuring a uniform printing surface, good design and printing qualities on the front as well as on the reverse side. The target group is luxury products and to obtain this board grade Korsnäs has invested SEK 100 million in a new reverse side coating machine.


75 million returnable
boxes cleaned during 2006

Returnable plastic boxes instead of disposable packaging of corrugated board has grown into a multimillion industry, not least for Svenska Retursystems cleaning facilities, where plastic boxes and pallets are cleaned before they are put back into the system. Last year 75 million of these plastic boxes were cleaned in facilities in Helsingborg, Västerås and Örebro.


RFID Constructors a
good investment for Nordvalls

Now an independent
company and hiring

Nordvalls in Sjöbo are now focused on manufacturing RFID labels. Earlier a division, RFID Constructors is now a separate company focused on sales of RFID products, expertise, training and education and tests. Staff has been employed and the testing centre opened in Lund.


Effective control reduces waste when packing

The Teltek C-series checking scales with great precision control filling and dosing machines. It’s easy for the user. Simply indicate a nominal weight and the scale does the rest of the job. Every weight is analysed and calculated ongoing to provide as an exact correction as possible for filling or dosing machines. If production involves great variation in weight, there are several advanced functions to maintain the exact correction. Among these is a function called “Correction of wrong per cent” which helps correct many of the problems that existed among many of the earlier solutions. This makes these scales, in combination with Feedback, an interesting solution for controlling, for example, overfilling.

Sandvik acquires drink
can tool manufacturer in the USA

Sandvik Hard Materials is in agreement with Rexam regarding the acquisition of the company’s manufacturing of hard metal tools for can manufacturing at Rexam’s North American Equipment Manufacturing Division in Chicago. The business Sandvik has acquired has a turnover of about SEK 50 million. As part of the agreement is a long-term contract outlining the terms for Sandvik’s supply of hard metal tools for can production and service in North America.


Vinnova invests
in printed electronics

Acreo and Linköping University together with Stora Enso, Peab, Sericol, Varta and Beab intend to make Sweden the forerunner in the area of printed electronics. The new project, which operates under the name Centerprise, has a budget of SEK 41 million for three years. “Sweden is a forerunner in printed electronic. We have outstanding research and several companies at the leading edge of this technology. Centerprise is to operate the positive development further and make Sweden even more competitive in the area,” says Jonas Wallberg, manager for the IKT unit at Vinnova in a press release.


New capita to bio-based
packaging film

The innovation company, Xylophane, has recently completed a successful financing round. The money is to be used primarily for industrial verification of the company’s product, a bio-based film for packaging. Xylophane’s bio-based material, which comes from raw materials from farming and forestry, has awakened the interest of packaging companies and can eventually replace aluminium foil and certain oil-based plastics in packaging.


The Paper Province starts collaboration
with “sister cluster” in Italy?

A delegation from The Paper Province and Karlstad University recently visited Lucca-province in Toscana in northwest Italy to participate in a workshop and conference arranged by the Capannori Paper District association, which is a paper cluster of the same character as The Paper Province. The intention of the conference was to open the door for continued collaboration.


Kornäs to downscale even more

Korsnäs plans to reduce staff by another 18 persons who are employed under collective agreement in Gävle in addition to the 140 who were earlier notified that they would be terminated. At the same time, eight new managers will be added to the shift organization. “We don’t need so many managers. Instead, we need fewer bosses and more staff who take on greater responsibility for what they do,” says Pappers local chairman Bo Gidlund.

Albo System sells pallet
reversers to Stora Enso

At the end of October 2006 it became clear that Stora Enso in Mosina in Poland had chosen Albo System AB as its supplier of pallet reversers. In the middle of December the machines were delivered and installed and immediately put into full production.


Notice of closing at
Hannells Industrier in Örnsköldsvik

Hannells has started negotiations with the local unions in Örnsköldsvik regarding closing of metal drum production there. All of the employees in Örnsköldsvik have thereby been given notice of termination of employment.


Several should market
easily opened packaging

Customers want easily opened packaging, according to, and that is not any surprise. “Openability” has been a big problem for the packaging industry for many years. Handels Utredningsinstitut, HUI (Business Research Institute) has carried out a study for Reumatikerförbundet (The Rheumatic Association) and concluded that businesses would realize great gains if they gave greater consideration to openability.


Signum Prize to Löfbergs Lila

Groth & Co, a patent and registered trademark bureau, awarded its Signum Prize on Trademark Day, 18 January. This was the thirteenth time the prize was awarded and the winner this time was Löfbergs Lila, which has patented its well-known violet company color. Packnyheter noted in an earlier edition that Löfbergs Lila registered its company color, PMS 2613, in the spring of 2005, which was the first time in Sweden a shade of color had been registered as a trademark. The justification for the prize included in part the following: “Pioneering is a way of describing this year’s Signum Prize winner. Working with a single color as a trademark and being first to have their color registered as a trademark is unique. “Thanks for the coffee” is perhaps a saleable comment from the winners.

Modulpac launches
a new series of oxygen
tight plastic packaging

Modulpac is launching a whole new series of products consisting of jars ranging in size from 30 to 275 ml. The standard assortment consists of eight sizes with openings for various covers. The jars are also available in various barrier materials. Manufacturing can take place in clean rooms or according to specifications for foodstuffs. Additionally, customers are offered sizes according to special requirements. A new, patented cover system on barrier jars makes possible a virtually oxygen tight packaging. Most products experience a shorter shelf life if oxygen molecules permeate a packaging. This was a problem difficult for plastic packaging to avoid earlier.


Cerbo consolidates further

Sells printing business in Finland

Cerbo has sold its Finnish printing business Kotelovalmiste Oy Cerbo, a producer of board packaging in Esbo outside Helsinki, to Painotalo Keili Oy also located in Esbo. The move of production to Keilis’ premises, estimated to be complete in January 2007, will take place gradually during the next two months.


Environmental Protection Agency hesitant

Better to burn plastic
and board than to recycle?

About 80 percent of all private persons that take empty milk packaging and glass containers to recycling stations are happy with the packaging collection system in Sweden. The system works so well that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is hesitant to suggest any change. At the same time the Agency is considering the proposition that it is better to burn collected plastic and board packaging than to recycle.


European project for
more easily opened packaging

About 70 million Europeans have impaired hand function or some other form of functional disorder that makes it difficult for them to open many packagings. Recently, the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) has started a project that ultimately can lead to more easily opened packaging in Europe.


Stora Enso and Ingenia Technology
begin collaboration

Improved brand protection
with PackAgent and LSA-technique

Stora Enso and Ingenia Technology have begun collaborating in the area of brand protection. The companies will launch a common, very safe solution for brand protection that uses the Stora Enso program PackAgent for authentication and article information, and the Ingenia Technology system Laser Surface Authentication (LSA) for product identification.


Nefab growth strong,
starts production in India

Nefab presents good invoicing and result improvement in their quarterly report. The result after finance net increased by SEK 36 million crowns to SEK 122 million, which equals a 41% increase. Invoicing increased by 27% of which16% is organic growth.


Successful Scanpack 2006
meet high expectations

“The atmosphere was very good and the exhibitioners as well as the visitors were alert during Scanpack 2006. With 536 exhibitioners representing 677 companies from 24 countries we are satisfied that we have strengthened our position as Scandinavia’s biggest packaging exhibition,” says Siv Edlund, responsible for the Scanpack 2006 exhibition.


A good designer does not necessarily mean success

There are rather many examples of well-known designers who have been given the task to design a packaging that sells. French Philippe Starck has, for example, designed bottles and cans for Kronenbourg beer. It is a fact, however, that knowledgeable designers are not always able to design packaging that sells has been shown several times over. The picture shows an actual example.


Childproof and
easy-to-open combined

Combining childproof with easy-to-open functions is one of the packaging industry’s great problems. Now, however, Superfos claims they have a solution that is able to get this job done and it is patented and has EU approval as well.


The Mölnlycke company
Krusell has success with
new packaging

Krusell in Mölnlycke, Sweden is a company that started in the beginning of the 1990s and focuses on different kinds of carrying devices for electronic products, foremost mobile phones. They have sales in some fifty countries and an affiliated company in Bangkok. Currently, they gained success, especially in Japan, with a new product packaging shaped like a small book.


What are the Swedish
companies waiting for?

Why aren’t you influencing
the RFID-standard?

Used in the right way RFID-marking, “tags” that replace the barcode, can substantially cut logistics expenses. Every individual article becomes traceable and authenticity is secured. But in the extensive international work of developing the use of RFID-marking, engages far too few Swedish companies. “In the future these companies will be forced to use important standards without being able to influence them,” warns Bo Raattamaa, MD at GS1 Sweden and delegate for EPCglobal in Sweden.


Interesting 3-D technology

Chalmers company
develops decoration method

Three civil engineers and turned recently entrepreneurs Emma Allring, Andreas Kåreby and Fredrik Sollenby have since the beginning of the year worked on making packaging more sales worthy by adding structures. The company Innostruct offers a unique way of designing product packaging in order to make them display better on shop shelves. A three dimensional effect on an otherwise flat cardboard surface is achieved by combining plastic structures on cardboard packaging. Conventional packaging designers often only work with two dimensions, even surfaces and print in aggressive colors, while Innostruct offers an additional dimension to package design.


Squeezed for the last time -
Good to the last drop

Quadbag is the name of a brand new system for bag-in-box from SCA Packaging. The name hints that a bag that fills all the way out into the corners uses the box’s whole volume. In the middle of September Quadbag opened a new plant for production in Värnamo, Sweden.

Avenira – the
material of the future?

It now appears that M-real’s material Avenira, which was developed a few years ago, is on its way out on the market via the new company Avenira Oy in Ylöjärvi, located just outside Tammerfors in Finland.


Scanpack report on Nordic retail trade shows:
Everything at the same time and at once!

The demand for change, which the globalization causes within the sales chain for fast moving consumer products, strongly affects all the actors’ business activities. This is established in a report that Per-Stefan Gersbo, Paccedo AB and Lars Johansson, Silent Fiction AB, have made as an assignment for Scanpack 2006. The study was presented in conjunction with an international press conference arranged by the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Gothenburg to inform about Scanpack as well as the situation on the Nordic market, seen from a packaging perspective. Following is a short summary of the report.


A challenge for
the food industry
Say yes to Nobag!

Converting today is no bed of roses, rather a constant struggle to gain profitability and new customers. Investing is the name of the game. Customers in the business, not least from the food industry, continuously desire investment in innovation. “We need innovations so that our products are seen on the shelves,” is a mantra. Creating new, exciting and effective solutions requires both time and money. AB Nord-Emballage, a company in Ystad, Sweden, has invested both time and money to develop Nobag – a board capsule that functions without an inner bag – a useful innovation that has taken a long time for the food industry to accept. The first to do so is ICA, a leader in the food industry in Sweden.


Arla’s Smörbytta 2006 design
competition awarded
Next year you can buy
butter in gold bar format!

Arla Foods and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design are collaborating on a project called Smörbytta 2006 at the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. Arla Foods initiated the project as a step to produce better packaging. Students at the Institution of Ceramics and Glass at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design have worked on butter packaging of the future that will simplify the handling of butter from the Swedish butter producer Svenskt Smör. The winner was awarded a scholarship of SEK 25,000. The butter packaging was displayed for the public at the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design between 7 and 17 September.


Lamiflex invests
in the future

New machine gives
greater flexibility

The packaging company Lamiflex AB, , has initiated a new and unique machine for manufacturing industrial packages in its Nyköping plant.


Young inventor wins international
prize for packaging solution

Exasperation with large juice packaging simulated Stefan Helmersson, 12, to invent his own design for a packaging that won him the gold in an inventors’ competition in South Korea.


Self-adhering pallet stringers
new from Lättpallen

The Karlstad company LättPallen, a leading Scandinavian manufacturer of disposable pallets for recycling, has developed the concept a step further. The company has introduced a new product line – self-adhering stringers. The stringers are coated with glue and protective foil that is easy to peel off. They fasten directly to cardboard boxes and containers and on occasion can eliminate the use of pallets. Compared with a comparable pallet, the concept reduces the cost of purchase and freight.


New Swedish invention

Temperature sensitive labels destroy barcodes

Järvsö, Sweden is the home of Tempix the newly started company that currently is launching a new temperature indicator that destroys barcodes on labels if the foodstuff or other temperature sensitive products are exposed to too high heat. Over the years many different types of temperature indicators have popped up that showed when a temperature sensitive product’s refrigerating chain was broken, but common to all of them was the problem of gaining market acceptance. In this case, ICA has shown genuine interest in the product, according to Dagens Industri.


Stora Enso lies low with investments due to the electricity prices

“We will not close down or move out, but we won’t be able to develop or even keep up in the long run either.” That is what Stora Enso’s Sweden manager Christer Ågren writes in an debate article in the newspaper Dagens Industri.


Stora Enso lies low with investments
due to the electricity prices

“We will not close down or move out, but we won’t be able to develop or even keep up in the long run either.” That is what Stora Enso’s Sweden manager Christer Ågren writes in an debate article in the newspaper Dagens Industri.


Rottneros to shut
down Utansjö Bruk

Electricity prices at the top are bottom for base industries The Rottneros group has decided to shut down pulp production at the Utansjö Bruk outside Härnösand with 150 employees and there is risk that the Rottneros Bruk outside Sunne also can meet the same fate. According to Lars Blecko, group manager, there is nothing that speaks for the mill in Sunne staying in operation. High prices for electricity are the problem for the company.


Norfolier invests in new flexopress

Norfolier AS in Lilleström, Sweden has invested in increased printing capacity. Currently, Norfolier has six production facilities in Norway, Sweden and Estonia. Each plant is specialized for production in their own area of business such as shrink and construction plastic, carrier bags, expanded and ensilage film, trash bags, food packaging and plastic recycling.


Scanvaegt sold
to Icelandic company

The Danish company Scanvaegt that manufacturers equipment for automating in the foodstuffs industry is now in Icelandic ownership. The Icelandic Marel group, a Scanvaegt competitor, paid DKK 815 million for the company. The seller of the business, located in Århus, is Lars Grundtvig and his two sons, who now own considerable shares in Marel.


New Managing Director at Miller Graphics

Miller Graphics has increasingly developed in size and complexity and consists today of 14 operations in seven countries with a total turnover of SEK 380 million. As a result of this, the board of directors has decided to increase the company’s focus on the group by appointing Lars-Åke Brännström as the MD and CEO for Miller Graphics AB as well as let the Miller Graphics group report directly to the parent company O.F. Ahlmark & Co. Eftr. A.-B. Håkan Thorell has been appointed as the new board chairman for Miller Graphic AB. The changes were effective from July 1, 2006.


Faerch Plast carrying
out big investments

Business is going very well for the Danish foodstuffs packaging manufacturer Faerch Plast this past half year, so well that they almost have problems delivering. Now the company is planning for a big investment.


AJ said yes to OneCafé

OneCafé, the company that developed the single cup solution for brewing fresh coffee that always smells and tastes newly opened, is involved in an interesting development. Currently, the company is based at Ideon in Lund, but will move within a month to new premises in Eslöv. OneCafé has also established its own coffee plantations in Uganda. An interesting packaging solution plays an important part in the concept. A share issue has now been made that amounts to that AJ Post Order becomes the biggest owner.


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